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2.13sLeela, I would be honored.
3.7sDoes the worst W.C. Fields imitation I've ever seen.
4sZoidberg! Sorry. You must've been boring me.
4.19sThe thing is, Fry is very sweet, but he's so immature.
3.82sI love his boyish charm, but I hate his childishness.
5.5sSo he's not perfect. You don't wanna end up old and lonely like Zoidberg.
2.05sYou were saying?
2.8sAh! There it is. The Tempus Nebula.
2.3sTake a whiff through the Smell-A-Scope.
2.17sOoh! What's that funky jazz?
2.7sThe odor of pure time leaking.