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3.82sThe background time radiation is fluctuating wildly!
4.22sGood lord! That sucker's shakin' round like some fine imported booty!
4.9sSay, I'm no physicist, but I think I know how to stop the skipping. We'll just--
1.92sI don't know how this was supposed to work.
3.99sProfessor, I hope you find out what's wrong before we skip right past my birth--
1.43sHappy birthday, Amy!
2.7sHooray! Look at all these presents!
3.02sI hope we all have as much fun tomorrow at my birth--
3.94sWhat? Awww.
3.32sPsst. Leela! I've set up a time-proof shelter in the closet.
3sThere's only room for two, and you're the one I want to share it with.
2.89sFry, that's so sweet. Lemme see.
2.82sHow exactly will this protect us from time jumps?
4.2s'Cause when we're together in here, baby, time will stand still.