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2.37sThe time skips are worse than ever now.
3.72sIsolated spots are jumping by years at a time. Look!
2.24sStupid senior citizens.
3.04sWhy should we have to pay for their Social Security benefits?
2.45sI deserve free money!
1.82sWell, I'm stumped.
3.7sWe'll have to call in the finest scientific minds in the univer--
3.99sPerhaps we could explode the whole damned nebula.
2.97s- What do you think, Curly joe? - No, man.
4.17sAn explosion big enough to destroy that mama would take out half the universe.
3.04sYou gotta Globetrotter that explosion up a little, Farnsie.
2.17sMake it an implosion.
2.45sBy God, Sweet Clyde is right!
2.9sAn implosion might just form a black hole...
2.5sthat would stop more chronitons from escaping.
3.17sWhoa! Slow that brain train down, Prof!
3.55sWe'd need some kind of doomsday device to initiate an implosion like that.
1.94sDoomsday device?
4.54sAhh! Now the ball's in Farnsworth's court!