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1.83sYou're too old to be happy.
2.73sI'm not too old to enjoy hot sex with Zapp.
1.55sSex with Zapp!
1.8s(GROANING) Sex with Zapp! Sex with Zapp!
1.77sNo, no!
3.39sNow, if you'll excuse me, I don't think I can live here anymore.
2.64sI'll be back for my things at 8:00 sharp.
2.75s(RINGING) Sex with Zapp!
0.03sThis one is for the E. coli.
3.64s- And this one's for the leprechaunorrhea. - Hiddly-dee!
3.5sI don't care how many diseases Fry has. It was worth it.
2.59sRight on, brah! I feel free as a bum.
1.83sHow can you be so calm, Dad?
4sThe woman you love is out there having the time of her life with Zapp Brannigan,