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1.82sI had dreams, too!
1.87sI was going to surf the world's sewers,
3.12sbut I happily gave it up for you. Happily!
2.22sI just want a little more out of life.
4.8sBut no, you don't want to go into space because you're too afraid.
2.64sYou bet I'm afraid. You want to go? Go!
2.25sGet your head knocked off by a meteorite.
2.27sOkay, take a deep breath.
1.5sYou're having a little lovers' quarrel,
1.57sbut I'm sure you'll work everything...
2.57s(GAVEL BANGS) Divorce is final.
4.52sDon't worry. I'm only going to stay with you until a vacancy opens up on this floor.
2.87sYou know, the rents are a lot more reasonable in Peru.
1.98sCome on, Leela, let's go out.
2.7sAfter 40 years, I want to see the world.