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1.27sjust go.
2.14sYou want the rest of the cham-pag-en?
3.15sNo. And it's pronounced "champagne."
1.23sOh, God, no!
2.6sIt's not a big deal.
2.07sI get so lonely.
3.9sI just thought you, a fellow captain, would understand.
1.12sAw, forget it.
5.92sYeah, it's great ordering people around and stuff but through it all, you're completely alone.
2.2sIt comes with the job.
2.28sI'm just so lonely!
2.2sOh, come on. Cheer up.
2.17sIt's not that bad.
2.14sYou want to try escaping again?
1.37sNah, I'm comfy.
1.98sMan, Leela's been gone a long time.
3.67sI hope she's at least making progress with Zapp Brannigan.