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2.15sSir, they're headed straight for us.
1.22sA well-calculated move.
2.24sStraight out of Sun Tzu's classic text--
1.23sThe Art of War.
1.1sOr my own masterwork--
1.74sZapp Brannigan's Big Book of War.
3.94sBut the one thing their captain doesn't realize and never will is--
2.39sSir, they've docked with us and have come aboard.
1.6sThen I've risked all and lost.
2.17sKif, old man, I'll be in the escape pod.
4.34sIf that wicker chair I like survives the slaughter have it sent to my P.O. box.
3.62sHello, I'm Leela captain of the Planet Express delivery ship.
3sWe've come aboard to plead for your assistance.
1.53sWell, if there's anything--
1.27sI'm in command here.
1.23sZapp Brannigan.
2.84sHas my fame preceded me, or was I too quick for it?
1.13sOh, not at all.
1.5sI'm just so, uh...
2.3sreally thrilled to meet you.