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1.17sThat's enough.
2.2sDon't you think I feel bad enough already?
2.8sAll right, all right, I'll call him.
3.14sI mean, if living is that important to you.
3.14sAnd that's why you'll never make captain, Kif.
1.22sHello, Zapp?
1.9sWell, well, well.
2.22sZapp, we're out of fuel.
1.55sAnd Vergon 6 is about to implode.
1.6sWe need your help.
3.8sSo crawling back to the Big "Z" like a bird on its belly.
1.27sBirds don't crawl.
1.4sThey've been known to.
2.54sLook, are you going to rescue us or not?
2.63sCan't you ask a little more sexfully?