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2.99sOh, yeah, bingo! There it is right there! Yeah, that works.
1.93s- That's it. - I love it.
2.84sHey, Lise, look. They're adding a new character to Itchy and Scratchy.
2.1sPoochie the Dog?
4.29sAdding a new character is often a desperate attempt to boost low ratings.
2.12sYo, yo. How's it hangin', everybody?
1.64sMorning, Roy.
0.63sYeah, hi, Roy.
3.3sHey, they're having open casting for the voice of Poochie.
2.19sYou should try out, Dad. You have a funny voice.
0.67sI do not!
3.09sHaven't you ever listened to yourself on a tape recorder?
3.7sI prefer to listen to Cheap Trick. Well, here. Say something.
3.04sHey, this is Homer Simpson saying howdy...
3.2sto all the girls out there in radio land.