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2.42sMmm. Buddy,
4.45syou're the luckiest chicken in the world.
4.15sYou see, the trick here is the rings won't fit over the good prizes.
2.9sWell, we'll see about that. Give me 10 rings.
2.2sUh, so anyway, uh,
2.34sthe main thing is to bring in the rubes.
3.12sDo whatever it takes-- Sweet talk, insults,
2.27sslang from the '30s that no one uses anymore.
0.63sLike "rubes"?
2.22sNow you're on the trolley.
3.09sWell, we gotta get. Here's the money box. Any questions?
2.27sUh, yes. How do we handle refunds?
1.93sUh, I'm gonna give this to you.
2.17s- Good move. - Give me 10 rings.
4.15sLookee, lookee. Hey, hey. Wocka, wocka. i got rings and you want 'em.
4.77sWin a genuine Ronex watch just like a real movie star.
2.25sHey, there's a sucker.