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4.25sDid you hear that, Bart? The carny code.
2.22s- Bart, did you hear that? - Yes.
3.84sAh, there you are. You two ready to work? Yes, sir!
2.3sSo what's our first job, huh? Test the roller coaster?
2.14sFry up some cheese? Hose down the freaks?
3.12sI-- Um-- Somethin' like that, yeah.
3.27sOh, this isn't fun.
3.4sMaybe if you didn't go to the bathroom so much, you wouldn't be so small.
2.77sPlease, folks, hold your fire.
2.05sThe water level is dangerously low.
3.27sOh! Ow, my leg!
3.54sAll right. Now, this geek bit is pretty straightforward.
3.49sYou just bite the heads off the chickens, take a bow.
2.6sGo on. Give it a try.
2.77sRemember, big smiles.
0.42sUh, Bart?
2.74sYeah, Dad?
3.04s- Do I like chicken? - Does it matter?