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1.33sSix, ..
1.59sStay a way from my personal space.
1.37sSeven. . .
1.37skeep away from that personal space.
2.53sEight, personal space.
2.59sNine, personal space.
3.03sYou know, i take personal space pretty seriously,
2.94sup to the paint that i don't even care about this --
4.3sl’m not even interested in ha ving this skin on my personal space.
0.97sOh, my god!
1.59sOh, it hurts!
1.13sSUMMER: Gross!
1.52sRICK: What an asshole!
1.19sOhh, tune in next week, ..
2.69sf theme music plays f the best show ever,
1.73sthe show we all grew and love --
2.03s"The Personal Space Show, "
1.93sANNC)UNCER: More "Personal Space " next Tuesday at 8:00.
4.09sUp next, the heat is turning up with Samantha and the Boys on "The Northsiders. "
2.99sf speaking alien language f