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1.83sl’m your host Phillip Jacobs,
3.27sand let me tell you, i care about my personal space.
2.87sWhoa, whoa. Hey, Who’s around me right now?
9.67sWho 's around me F Now, why don't we step up here and everybody get stepped up and let's get some stepped-up personal space up in this place.
1.02sHere we go.
2.2sWe get a one, personal space.
1.73sTwo, personal space.
2.03sThree, stay out of my personal space.
2.7sFour, keep away from my personal space.
2.76sFive... get out of that personal space.
1.33sSix, ..
1.59sStay a way from my personal space.
1.37sSeven. . .
1.37skeep away from that personal space.
2.53sEight, personal space.
2.59sNine, personal space.
3.03sYou know, i take personal space pretty seriously,
2.94sup to the paint that i don't even care about this --