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2.09sOoh! Ooh!
3.09s"Man vs. Car, " the newest hit show,
0.03sWhere it pits a man...
1.49sundefined ....versus a car.
1.76sOn tonight's episode,
1.99sMichael Jenkins fights a regular old car.
1.87sHere we go.
1.73sOh, he's pushing his way through.
1.3sHe's trying to fight that car,
1.66sbut the car seems to have the upper hand.
2.37sOh, he's got a little bit of pushback there.
2.43sOh, no. He just got ran over...
2.09sand chewed up by the tires.
2.94sI guess that's another one for the cars.
2.33sI mean, wouldn't the cars always win?
8.27sSamantha, I need to know that you understand that l have a couple of eyeholes.
1.93sI do. I do understand about your eyeholes.
2.56sHere, look at my eyeholes.
3.94sOh, my god, You have eight eye ho-- holes.