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1.93sYou could tell our parents started with naming with him.
2.83sit’s like, la/r, Michael, " They had that one planned, ..
1.63sbefore they even got pregnant, i bet,
1.47sI don't want to be that girl,
3sbut maybe there would be less conflict if they didn't shoot their shows at the same time.
2.73sOh, Summer, you have no idea how much money that must save production.
1.76sAnd then they found out i was attached,
1.7salong for the ride, and they said, "a/r, shit,
1.8sWell, fast fuck it, call him Pichaei "
2.33sFuck you, Pichaei You ’re a fucking piece of shit,
1.06sGood afternoon.
4.27sI know all of you are wondering about the condition of our dear, beloved Pibbles.
3.53sWhich would you prefer between the XP-20 and the XP-20 XS?
2.43sI prefer my own penis, and so should you!
5.03sThe brave Earth man whose sacrifice is going to allow Shrimply Pibbles to live --
1.23sMr. Jerry Smith.