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1.4sNothing gets stuck in your lips.
1.83sIt's just tiny and tiny and fits right --
1.93s- Fits right in. - Lri’ Bits!
3.94sWe got tiny lasagna, tiny pizza, tiny pie.
3.23sMmm! Little, tiny fried eggs.
2.3sOh, shit. We got tiny people,
1.23sLii’ Bits!
1.4sYou hungry? Come on down.
1.52sLii’ Bits.
2.53sEat some fucking shit, you fucking stupid bitch.
1.66sJust kidding.
2.06sYou've got some time to kill before the procedure,
2.4sso I assume you'd like to, uh,
1.49suse your penis one last time.
1.37sHere's my computer.
1.63sIt's got the alien internet on it.
1.33sHere's some porn.
1.37sAnd there's an alien towel.
1.56sI actually got that on another planet.
1.52sSo it is an alien towel to me.
1.83s- Good luck. - Thanks.