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5.1sBut, Beth, what kind of man would say something like that ifthe universe needed his penis?!
5.13sWell, Jerry, what kind of wife would I be if I did anything to stand in yourway?
2.37sHey, listen, is your mouth tiny and small?
1.59sThen why don't you come to Lii’ Bits...
1.33sMAN: L//' Bits!
1.66s...where the food is tiny.
1.7sIt looks like regular food, but really tiny.
1.49sYou can put it in your mouth and eat it.
1.4sNothing gets stuck in your lips.
1.83sIt's just tiny and tiny and fits right --
1.93s- Fits right in. - Lri’ Bits!
3.94sWe got tiny lasagna, tiny pizza, tiny pie.
3.23sMmm! Little, tiny fried eggs.
2.3sOh, shit. We got tiny people,
1.23sLii’ Bits!
1.4sYou hungry? Come on down.
1.52sLii’ Bits.