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1.97s15 1/2 brapples.
2.03sWelcome back to "Funny Songs."
1.8sIt's all improvised. It's very funny.
2.2sI need a volunteer from the audience.
2.13sUm, longtime fan ofthe show. Uh --
2.4sWhat do you do? What's your profession?
2.06sI am a tax attorney.
2.47sOkay, here we go. Hit -- Hit the music.
3.53sJ, I'm a tax attorney J,
1.59sJ, Oh, geez, oh J,
1.93sJ, Forget about everybody else J,
1.8sJ, Forget about Jesus Christ J,
1.59sJ, Forget about Muhammad J,
3.63sJ, Forget about, uh... all those religions J,
4.06sThe end.
1.83sOh, my god, Oh, that was so, so funny.
1.44sThank you.
0.05sYou're welcome.
1.66sHey, um, security guards, take him out.
1.52sGet him out of here. What?
1.37sGet the orthodontist out of here.
1.59sundefined No! Why?
3.27sTake him out ofthe audience. Kill him. Sic him.
1.93sSack his iife out. i don't give a shit,
2.06s- Smith family? - Yes?
2.97sI wanted to let you all know that Jerry is doing just fine.