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1.66sHow did she get there?!
1.76sOh, my god, Morty, how did she get there?
5sHow did she get there? f laughs f Is that something we should be concerned about?
2.23sJust stay away from the coffee machine.
2.47sMA M Calling a// Jan Michael Vincents.
2.06sCalling all Jan Michael Vincents.
3.06sANNOUNCER: Ina world where there's eight Jan Michael Vincents,
3.09sMAN: We need one Jan Michael Vincent to Quadrant "C."
2.63sWe need two Jan Michael Vincents to Quadrant "E."
1.83s...and l 6 Quadrants,
4.3sThere's only enough time for a Jan Michael Vincent to make it to a quadrant.
2.49sHe can't be at two quadrants at once.
2.33sHey, Rick, who -- Who is Jan Michael Vincent?
1.93sOh, man, I'm trying to remember, Morty.
2.94sJan Michael Vincents are used up.