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2.23sYou just have to wait for hating you to bore them.
1.16sYou know, you're right.
3.27sI shouldn't be motivated by other people's opinions of me.
1.23sAll right, guys, let's go home.
1.33sIf it's all the same to you, Rick,
1.47sI'd like to go to the zoo...
1.59s- With my family. - What?!
1.56s- What are you talking about?! - Why would we do that?!
1.43sundefined It's a stupid idea! What's the matter with you!?
1.43sDon't be a piece of shit, Jerry!
1.43sOkay, I'm sorry. I'm sorry. We'll go home.
1.19sWhat the hell is he talking about?!