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1.49sMAN: Hey, how’s it going?
1.83sThis is my butthole ice cream parlor.
2.43si got all kinds of ice cream -- peanut butter and jelly, . .
1.47sf farts f .... vanilla...
1.3s. . . . chocolate. . .
1.66sf farts f and every flavor
1.37sserved out of a butthole. ..
0.51sjust like you 're back home.
1.02s- Dad! - Dad!
2.09sWhat happened? Where am l?
1.52sWas it all a dream?
1.8sNo, you were shot like 50 times.
4.06s57. Thankfully, you're in a super-sophisticated alien hospital,
2.03sso it was basically like getting a splinter removed.
2.09sAll -- All I wanted was for everyone to like me.
5.7sJerry, remember that time you left a comment underneath that YouTube video and someone replied and called you a dumbass, so you replied and told them,
5.43s"it takes one to know one," and you stayed up all night hitting "refresh" on your browser waiting for them to reply and then you fell asleep crying?
1.8sI remember it differently.