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7.5sEnough to pay for a brand-new, state-of-the-art synthetic heart that will be even better than Mr. Smith's pathetic penis.
2.47sWait! That was an option the whole time?!
1.43sYou guys suck!
2.9sYeah. We suck. Are you still here?
1.7sOkay, Jerry. Let's head home.
1.97sI can't leave now. Everyone hates me.
4.8sUnfortunately, there's no surgical procedure that can fix that.
2.43sOr is there?
1.8s- Nano-Doctor. - Nano-Doctor.
2.56s- Nano-Scalpel. - Nano-Scalpel.
1.4sOkay. We're ready.
1.49sNot so fast!
1.99sMr. Smith? What are you doing? Are you insane?!
1.23sI'm a good person,
5.3sand I demand that you cut off my penis and put it in that man's chest.