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2.69sf theme music plays f the best show ever,
1.73sthe show we all grew and love --
2.03s"The Personal Space Show, "
1.93sANNC)UNCER: More "Personal Space " next Tuesday at 8:00.
4.09sUp next, the heat is turning up with Samantha and the Boys on "The Northsiders. "
2.99sf speaking alien language f
5.16slfyou could all just stop screaming and chanting and making whatever that gesture means --
1.7sExcuse me. Come on.
2.53sPlease, everyone, I have news about Shrimply Pibbles.
6.36sWord of Jerry Smith trying to weasel out of his penis donation has spread across the galaxy.
5.84sBeings everywhere have come together to offerwhat little they have to help save Shrimply's life.
7.5sEnough to pay for a brand-new, state-of-the-art synthetic heart that will be even better than Mr. Smith's pathetic penis.