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1.93sDon't worry about Jerry. He's gonna be fine.
2.16sYou hear me, Jerry? You're gonna be fine.
0.39sOoh, watch out for that stuff.
1.59sIt'll stain if it gets on your clothes,
3.26sand it'll send you into a murderous rage if it gets in your eyes or mouth.
3.26sWhy would you keep mutant bacteria in a pint of Cherry Garcia?
1.43sI know this isn't the time, but, you know,
1.37stechnically, the second freezer drawer is mine.
1.26s- Not anymore. - You're overreacting!
1.26sWe're losing him. All right, fine.
1.26sBut you're not touching my crisper.
0.05sIs he going to die?
1.51sDon't worry.
2.03sDr. Glip Glop is the best in the galaxy.
1.83sHello, I'm Dr. Glip Glop.