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1.9sWell, I sure am.
3.55sYou know something? You're not qualified to sit in that chair.
2.4sOh, aren't I?
3.97s(BOTH SCREAMING) Maybe there's a rabbit head under here.
5.3s(SCREAMING) Peter, all of my father's assets are tied up in that corporation.
2.87sIf you freeze up his money, he's not gonna have anything to live on.
3.04sNow, you are gonna make amends with Daddy and that's final.
1.77sAll right, Lois, if that's what you want.
2.57sMr. Pewterschmidt, be in my office tomorrow morning at 9:00.
2.82sI'm sure we can figure something out.
5.77s(LAUGHS MENACINGLY) Hmm. I don't know if I like the sound of that laugh.
3.29sI knew I didn't like the sound of that laugh! Peter, this is unacceptable!
2.07sWhat gives you the right to treat me like this?
2.77sYou've been treating me like crap for 20 years, Mr. Pewterschmidt,
2.64sand now I'm the one in charge. Hang on a second.