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3.7sDamn it, Peter! Your plane set my lawn on fire!
0.85sHere, that ought to cover it.
1.93sPeter, I don't want your money!
2.87sWell, fine, then. Have a box of Jeremy Irons Cereal.
3.97sIf you're looking for a prize at the bottom, there is none.
3sOnly more cardboard.
1.87sPeter, this has gone on long enough.
2.93sI want you to make things right with Daddy. It's his company.
3.54sIt's my company. It's your company. Three's company.
2.33sWhere the kisses are hers and hers and his.
1.2sWhat? I'm sorry, Lois.
1.93sWe all had some pot brownies on the plane.
2.12sHey, Peter, are you seeing this rabbit?
1.9sWell, I sure am.
3.55sYou know something? You're not qualified to sit in that chair.
2.4sOh, aren't I?
3.97s(BOTH SCREAMING) Maybe there's a rabbit head under here.