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1.37sYes, it has two settings,
2.14sBarry White and Bill Cosby.
4.8s(MONITOR BEEPING IN BILL COSBY'S VOICE) My company makes no such thing.
2.3sWell, you see, Daddy, when you were in a coma,
2.9sPeter stepped in and took charge of Pewterschmidt Industries.
2.84sWell, you made it, Peter. You're a big shot.
2.44sIn charge of a whole bunch of people.
1.73sPeggy, hold my calls for a few minutes, please.
1.47sPEGGY: Yes, Mr. Griffin.
4.89sWell, buddy, you're in love with Peggy. What a mess.
1.87sGriffin! Get the hell out of my building!
2.3sHoly crap, Mr. Pewterschmidt, you're okay!
1.33sYou're damn right I'm okay,
2.2sand I'm here to reassume charge of my company.
3.4sMaybe I don't want to leave. Maybe I like being a fat cat.
1.27sWhat are you saying?
1.45sI'm saying it's my company now,
2.6sand it's better than it ever was when you were running it.
2.27sSecurity, we have a situation in the conference room.
2.28sI'll give you a situation, you fat turd!