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1.75sI thought you said it was a boat.
2.87sThis thing is great. Bet you could sail it all the way to the Caribbean.
1.55s(IN JAMAICAN ACCENT) Hey, American women,
1.73swhen was the last time you were raped,
2.07smurdered, and stuffed in a lobster pot?
1.77sWell, what you waiting for?
3.3sCome to the Virgin Dutch Front Saint Port Croix Lucia Antilles.
3.9sIt's only a hop, skip, and a small plane ride that scares you something terrible.
2.44sHungry sharks, strong, rapey men,
3sand them silverfish that you step on and scream.
2.97sWith money so colorful, you forget that it's worthless!
2.3sSo, bring your big white ass down here.
2.04sCome to the island where I live
3.12sAnd you got a pretty good chance To make it home
1.72sWow, it's beautiful down there.
2.97sI just can't believe it really looks like this.