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2.67sYou are gonna help me lead this company into the future.
2.8sPeter, we don't know anything more than you do about running a company.
1sHey, where's Joe?
1.35sI think he's still outside.
1.72sHey, Joe! What're you doing down there?
2.84sThere's no ramp! I can't get inside!
0.97sWell, we don't need him anyway.
2.69sThis company's gonna make it on my ideas.
2.65sHere are the products we'll be unveiling in the new fiscal year.
2.2sThe African-American heart monitor.
4.3sDEEP MALE VOICE: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
1.27sOh, he dead.
5.51s(READING) If you're looking for marshmallows, there are none.
2.92sIt's quite bland, I assure you.
1.58sAnd Scream in a Box.
3.54s(MAN SCREAMING) I needed that today.
2.07sAnd now, new Lady Scream in a Box.
4.69s(WOMAN SCREAMING) Finally, a scream that's right for me!