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1.45sWell, come on, come on.
4.35s(MEN CLEARING THROATS) Okay, I can see I'm gonna have to get things rolling.
2.57sAll right, we're gonna do an exercise called the idea ball.
1.5sI'm gonna toss a ball to one of you,
2.13sand whoever catches it, throw out the first idea you got,
1.47sthen pass the ball to the next guy,
1.43sand he throws out an idea and so on.
1sEverybody clear?
1.78sAll right, here we go.
2.33s(GRUNTS) All right, Abrams, what do you got?
2.17sMy lung's collapsing.
2.23sYou know what I'm hearing, gentlemen?
2.08s(SIGHS) What's the best way to put this?
2sWhat I'm hearing...
2.03sWhat I'm hearing is a lot of yesterday talk.
2.24sThis isn't the way we're gonna do things under my leadership.
2.07sWe are gonna turn this company around.
2.8sBut, sir, the company's doing fine. Better than ever, in fact.