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3sMy methods are a little unorthodox, Mr. Griffin.
1.73sI think I can help.
1.73sWhat are you doing? My job.
2.83sSometimes people fake being in a coma. This man's not.
2.07sUnless, of course, the first punch knocked him out,
2.3sin which case we won't know for some time.
1.4sThat, too.
1.73sAny word on Carter's condition yet?
3.7sNo, it's been three days, and I'm really starting to get worried.
4.32sWhat if he's in a coma for, like, 20 years and he comes out of the coma and you guys are all dead,
2.77sbut I'm still alive and I'm a famous racecar driver,
3.07sand he's like, "Oh, man, Stewie turned out awesome!"
1.4sAnd he comes to one of my races,
2.33sand I'm so surprised to see him there, I crash,
1.97sand then I'm in a coma for 20 years,
2.3sand I wake up and he's a racecar driver.
2.07sStewie, do you want to be a racecar driver when you grow up?