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2.89sExcuse me, miss? This older gentleman would like a lap dance.
1.3sWhat am I supposed to do?
1.8sNothing. You just sit there and enjoy yourself.
2.87sDo I... Do I stick the money directly inside of her?
1.89sNo, you do not. Why, have you done that before?
2.89s(LAUGHING) Doesn't go over. When do I hit her?
2.57sFor crying out loud, just drink this.
4.47sAnd you, give this old bastard the ride of his life.
1.07sAll right, go, Carter!
1.64s(SHOUTING) Get some! Get some!
2.35sHey, Joe, that's, like, right in my fucking ear.
1.88s(STUTTERS) Look, I... Stop it! Peter, I...
5.07sWhoa! (LAUGHS) Boy, she's bendy! Wow! Yes!
1.73sAwesome! All right!
4.42sOh! (GROANING) Oh, my God! What's happening to him?
2.14sI'm having a heart attack-ack-ack-ack-ack-ack!
2.17sYou ought to know by now!