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2.24sHe's never gonna be quite in step with the rest of us,
2.4sand this is sort of my way of taking care of him.
3.79sWell, that's nice of you, but it was so much simpler when it was just you and me doing our thing.
1.77sI know, but just let him have this one.
3.07sOdds are he won't even come back with the actual food.
2.27sOkay, Cheeseburger Helper, you're on!
3.84sYay! Cheese, cheese, cheese! Yay!
3.57sI'm so sorry for your burden. You're a good brother.
2.27sSo, what do you think, Carter? You having a good time?
1.93sI'm not sure what I'm supposed to do with myself.
1.3sI'm very uncomfortable.
2.15sWhy don't you get a lap dance, Mr. Pewterschmidt?
2.44sNo, Peter's crippled friend, I think I'm just gonna leave.
1.3sThis was a stupid idea.
2.1sOh, come on, you just gotta relax and cut loose,
1.89slike those foreign guys over there.
2.27sI can't believe I'm back at the horse.
3.64sI had many drinks last night and I was so hung out this morning.
3.6sMe, too, friend. I was blowing chinks like crazy.
1.5sWhen I finally returned to sleep,