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2.37sDo you want to come to my Big Bang viewing party next week?
1.47sDaddy, you don't have to do that anymore.
2.64sI know, I know. I like it now.
3.57sWell, I'm sorry you lost the company, Peter, but I think it's for the best.
1.94sYou were turning into a real jerk.
3.67sMaybe so, but I sure am gonna miss being a corporate big shot.
3.44sWell, you'll always be a big shot in this family, sweetheart.
1.23sThanks, honey.
2.07sAnd I got a little surprise for you.
3.3sIn that contract you signed, you got to keep the corporate plane!
1.88s(GASPS) Yeah!
1.5sPeter, how are you doing that?
1.73sI don't know, Lois. I'm scared.
1.1sWell, come down.
2.53sI can't. Get help. Call somebody.
1.23sWho do I call?
2.27sI don't know. A police... A fire...
1.6sA scientist! Call a scientist!
3.64sOkay, you kids stay here with your father. I'm gonna go find a scientist.
2.03sAm I gonna die?