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2.3sPeople are gonna be sorry they didn't come.
2.8sThey're gonna... This was a good night.
5.05sCarter, as your boss, I'm ordering you to pay a compliment to this sharply-dressed Asian man.
1.1sYou look very nice.
2.53sWhat else? What about my shoe?
1sThey're nice, too.
1.54sHow you think my house smell?
1.33sNot oniony?
1.23sYou good, man.
2.97sI pat you on the head and feed you from the hand.
3.47sAnd then he made me clean out the fridge in the employee lounge,
3.94sand the employees were mad at me because I threw out food that they still wanted.
1.2sI don't know what's in there!
1.17sThat's it!
2.03sPeter is completely out of control!
3.24sWe've gotta do something to take him down and get your company back.
1.54sRight, right, but how?
3.24sIn order to oust an idiot, we've got to think like an idiot.
3.9sLet's see. What's Peter's weakness? He's gotta have a weakness.