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1.25sEight survive.
2.49sAnd now that you know how it's done...
2.2sdon't do it.
1.32sAny questions?
4.17sMrs. Krabappel how come you don't live with Mr. Krabappel?
3.97sBecause Mr. Krabappel chased something fluffy down a rabbit hole.
2.34sHow do we know when we fall in love?
1.17sOh, don't you worry.
5.1sMost of you will never fall in love and marry out of fear of dying alone.
3.35sHow do I create a half man, half monkey-type creature?
2.1sI'm sorry, that would be playing God.
2.37sGod, shmod-- I want my monkey man.
2.78sUh... that's a nice dress.
1.33sMy dad makes me wear it.
0.93sI hate it.
1.42sI hate it too.
2.85sUh... can I walk you home?
0.92sEverybody on.
1sNo shoving.
1sjust kidding.