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1.47sFluffy and Fuzzy
1.47swent to the park
1.15sthe ice cream social
9.06sthe boat show and other wholesome activities and they never ruined their fun by giving in to their throbbing biological urges.
1.68sThen came the big day.
2.67sFluffy and Fuzzy got married.
2.62sThat night came the honeymoon.
1.53sShe's faking it.
3.7sThe most satisfying part was knowing that they waited.
4.34sNine months later Fluffy gave birth to 14 beautiful bunnies.
1.25sEight survive.
2.49sAnd now that you know how it's done...
2.2sdon't do it.
1.32sAny questions?
4.17sMrs. Krabappel how come you don't live with Mr. Krabappel?