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0.98sWell, good-bye.
2.84sI'm sure this is a little scary for you...
2.89sSo why don't you tell us about yourself?
2.87sI'll be grading you on grammar and poise.
2.2sWe just moved here from Phoenix.
2.04sMy dad's in home security.
4.1sHe came here because of the high crime rate and lackluster police force.
7.31sAll my friends are back in Phoenix and this town has a weird smell that you're all probably used to but I'm not.
1.68sIt takes about six weeks.
2.62sHey, Milhouse, would you like a wet willie?
1.3sVictim number four.
3.1sLouis, can I interest you in a wet willie?
2.43sSure... aah!
6.3sWhen I find out who hit me with ball I'm going to tear them a new..!