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1.64sLord knows I do.
1.45sI'm a good student.
5.07sYeah, sure, and they told me I'd get a big parade when I got back from 'Nam.
1.62sInstead, they spat on me.
1.92sI can still feel it searing.
3.57sSo, let's just see what the permanent record has to say.
2.6sNo detention, fairly good attendance...
2.7sI see you beat that bed-wetting problem.
0.88sThat's in there?
2.15sDon't worry. They'll forget...
5.92sjust like they forgot about me in that tiger cage for 18 agonizing months.
2.67sEvery night I wake up screaming.
2.7sWell, let's meet your classmates.
2.82sBart, was this thing right about your test?
7.27sTo those who doubt the Magic Eight Ball's power I say, behold my "F."
0.85sAttention, class.
2sI have a new student for you.
3.07sGreat. Just keep packing them in, Seymour.
2.13sWe should discuss this later.
2.57sIt's never easy to come to a new school.