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1.12sLet me try.
3.05sWill... I get beat up today?
2.33s"All signs point to yes."
2.05sThat ball knows everything.
0.65sI got one.
6.46sWill Milhouse and I be friends till we're toothless old men with hair in our ears?
6.79sWill Milhouse and I be friends when we're high school dropouts living off Uncle Sucker?
5.05sWill Milhouse and I be friends at the end of the day?
3.39sWhat could come between two bestest buddies like us?
5.52sSamantha, I've always been suspicious of transfer students.
2.88sOther principals unload problem cases that way.
1.64sLord knows I do.
1.45sI'm a good student.
5.07sYeah, sure, and they told me I'd get a big parade when I got back from 'Nam.