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2.17sA pox on them!
1.92sThere stands a broken man.
3.3sIt's recess everywhere but in his heart.
6sHey, Bart, according to this magazine in another million years man will have an extra finger.
2.07sFive fingers? Ooh-- Freak show!
3.07sLise, I need some advice and mom's not here.
1.15sWhat about dad?
2.63sI couldn't understand what he was saying.
0.78sI feel terrible.
3.14sI ratted on my best friend and he doesn't even know.
6.11sAccording to Eternity magazine the feeling of guilt has been linked to gamephenomene.
10.76sDow Chemical is developing a minty gel to eliminate excess guilt but it won't be on the market for six months so I guess you'll have to confess to Milhouse.