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2.62sI hate the public so much.
3.82sIf only they'd elect me, I'd make 'em pay.
2.27sOh, Moe, how do I make 'em like me?
4.32sUh, gee, you're kind of all over the place there, Homer. You need to focus here.
2.67sYou got to think hard and come up with a slogan...
2.22sthat appeals to all the lazy slobs out there.
3.42sCan't someone else do it?
2.72s"Can't someone else do it?" That's perfect.
0.51sIt is?
2.22sNow get out there and spread that message to the people.
2.73sWhoa, hey. You didn't pay for the beer.
1.97sCan't someone else do it?
0.63sAh-- Very good.
1.9sSeriously, give me the money.
2.24sFellow citizens,
2.62show would you rate the trash service in this town?
2.15sI would deem it excellent.
2.45sUh, okay. It's excellent.