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4sOkay. But this is where you register as a sex offender.
3.2sAh, geez, there's always a line.
3.42sHey, everybody, vote for my dad-- Homer Simpson.
1.75sIf you don't, he'll beat us.
2.23sWhy, you little--
2.14sNo one's gonna beat you, Son.
2.7sYou're gonna get such a beating.
3.24sHey, vote Simpson. Hi. Nice to see you.
2.9sHey, thanks for coming out. Putting on weight, huh?
1.87s- Lenny, my man-- - So, Homer,
2.54sif we vote for you, what are you gonna do different?
1.95sWhat am I, the answer man? just vote for me.
4.39sHmm. You know, I don't know Ray Patterson, but he's no Ray Patterson.
2.17sYeah. Homer's a great nuclear safety inspector,
2.47sbut I don't know if I'd trust him with my garbage.