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4.34sEasy, Ned. Don't breathe in.
3.99sOw! Sorry, Ned. I didn't see you down there!
0.63sGot him.
2.38sUh, listen, Homer.
2.03sUh, hate to be a fussy Freddy and all,
4.44sbut Maude's folks are here, and, uh, they're a tad touchy about odors.
3.84sThen you might want to close your windows before the sun hits Diaper Hill.
2.67sLook, Daddy. I'm the king of the mountain!
2.14sRod, get off of there!
2.6sThree, two, one.
2.72sGo, go, go!
2.78sAh. The rats seem happy.
3.49sHomer, that crazy lady who lives in our trash pile...
1.68sattacked me again.
1.11sThat's not the way she tells it.
2.12sAnd the school nurse says Bart has the plague.