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3.97sOh, I get it. "Bart, the babysitter's here."
2.77s"Let me tuck you in."
2.6sMaybe it's time I wash my hand.
2.92sI'll send Laura over to babysit as soon as she gets home.
3.5sGreat. Oh, uh, and there was something else.
0.43sSomething I was supposed to tiptoe around--
3.89sMy divorce.
1.78sThat's it! Whoo-hoo!
2.84sI'm glad one of us remembered. That could have been embarrassing.
2.6sWell, I know what you're thinking, and the answer is yes.
3.54sI want to be fixed up with one of your friends as soon as you can arrange it.
0.43sAfter all, Homer, I do have the normal appetites.
2.44sI know what you mean.
2.1sjust let me make sure we're not talking about food.
0.45sI'm not.
2.59sRight. Me neither.