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0.32sOh, man. You're gonna be rich!
2.87sThere's your mansion. There's the tennis court.
2.34sAnd there's the swimming pool.
2.6sSee you later, Bart.
3.74sI'll never wash this hand again.
2.37sDad, make Bart wash his hand.
2.99sSorry, Lise. I no longer control the hand.
1.32sThe hand controls me!
1.95sShut up, you little monsters!
3.64sHello, I was wondering if you'd like to babysit my little angels.
2.7sSorry, this isn't Abbie. This is her sister.
1.93sI look after her now.
4.67sNo, Bart, put it down. Put it down, Bart.
2.23sBart, put it down.
3.02sOh! No all-you-can-eat seafood.
2.59sI wore my extra-loose pants for nothing.
3.5sNothing! Maybe Laura could watch us.