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3.9sHello, Lisa. Here in the dark, you won't need those eyes.
2.78sLet me have them. Bart, that's not funny!
2.28sThere are some who say the monster...
3.14sis still... here!
3.55sFriend. Friend!
2sHey, kid, wake up.
2.32sWho are you? I'm Laura, your new neighbor.
2.04sYou all right?
2.4sShe's beautiful. Say something clever.
2.13sI fell on my bottom.
2.17sOh, not again!
2.62sMy mother's inside, Mrs. Simpson. Please go right on in.
2.92sOh, you speak so politely to adults.
2.19sMy upbringing was painfully strict, ma'am.
2.22sThat's sweet.
3.37sAnd, finally, Moe's Tavern has contributed a coupon...
2.74sas their way of saying "Welcome to Springfield."