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2.99sTonight on Eye on Springfield,
3.77sopening day at the world's first two-story Outhouse.
1.92sOh, God! Stop!
4.52sA comedy nurse who's laughing all the way to the blood bank.
4.09sOkay. How many of you are here for shoulder surgery, huh?
3.37sGot ya!
2.9sBut first-- move over, Baltimore.
2.67sSpringfield has stolen your idea.
4.59sI'm walking on the waterfront, once the center of a thriving squid-gutting industry,
4.17snow abandoned by all but a few longshoremen and allied tradespeople.
2.03sBut the decades of rot will end...
2.67swith the opening of the South Street Squidport,
1.85san upscale shopping promenade...