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2.97sThere's a lot more to it than that, Bart. I don't just babysit.
5.04sI sell peace of mind for a dollar an hour-- two dollars after 9:00.
3.42sMan, if I was making that kind of money, I'd be out of here so fast!
2.3sYou look so glamorous, Mom!
2.69sOh, and you smell like vanilla flowers.
3.9sDad, you look totally classy. You could be Abe Lincoln's father's boss.
0.53sCan you see the pie stains?
2.42sIt'll be dark.
1.8sSo, when's Grampa getting here to babysit?
2.32sUm, Grampa's not coming.
2.1sOh, not Patty and Selma!
0.43sActually, Bart, Lisa's going to be in charge tonight.
3.65sI know she's young, but Lisa has proven herself mature and dependable.