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2.7sGeez! Lighten up, Lisa.
3.62sThat concludes our service.
2.85sAll right. I have tWo announcements.
3.97sFriday you will have the chance to "party down" in the church basement...
3.1sto the jesus-rock stylings of Testament.
2.4sThat's Friday, 6:00 p.m. sharp.
3.22sAll the best bands are affiliated with Satan.
4.07sAlso, anyone in need of a reliable and affordable babysitter...
2.1sshould call Lisa Simpson.
4sMention the topic of today's sermon to get a dollar off.
2.82sThe topic was love.
2sWhy hasn't anyone called?
3.7sMaybe people don't want an eight-year-old babysitter, honey.